• Tuesday’s Daily Deal: Cloer 5238NA 12-Cup Bitterness Eliminating Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel/White
  • Crock Pot and Slow Cooker, Black: Monday’s Daily Deal
  • Thursday’s Daily Deal: VillaWare NDVLPAPFS1 Non-Stick Stainless Panini Grill Large Dial Control
  • Dutch Cheese Board and Knife Set 854062: Wednesday’s Daily Deal
  • Tuesday’s Daily Deal: Baldwin 5255.112.LENT Left Handed Door Entry Lever Lock Set Venetian Bronze
  • Monday’s Daily Deal: Gardena 302 Combisystem Bypass Tree Branch Pruner Cutter

Pecan and Waffle Day: Taste Test with DealYard

Today is both National Pecan and National Waffle Day, and so why not celebrate with the best recipes including both? DealYard will be sending out several of the most nutritious waffle recipes to loyal customers over the next week so that we might all end National Nutrition Month on the best note possible, and continue […]

St. Patrick’s Day: Cook Green with DealYard

Part of the fun of St. Patrick’s Day is experiencing some good old-fashioned Irish cooking! Of course, it’s also National Nutrition Month, so it’s the perfect timing for greener initiatives. DealYard is in the midst of infrastructure changes that will reduce its energy expenditure significantly and its overall carbon footprint. The website is celebrating with […]

National Nutrition Month

Public awareness on a global scale regarding nutrition remains an enormous obstacle to public health and longevity. Misinformation is routinely spread to the consumer by large corporations. The makers of the food pyramid have reiterated again and again the massive shock they faced when they handed in their original copy and it was returned in […]

National Nutrition Month: Eat Right with DealYard

National Nutrition Month is here again. A series of food drives and community seminars are being planned throughout the country in order to push the need for good nutrition in today’s fast-paced, electronic world. Health awareness is on the rise, and we’re becoming more aware as a society of the disastrous consequences to consuming too […]

Read Across America Day

Read Across America Day coincides with Dr. Suess’s birthday: March 2. Conceptualized by the NEA, the purpose of Read Across America is to keep kids reading 365 days a year. The day is about celebrating the benefits of literacy and making sure all kids have an equal chance. The NEA provides online resources and activities […]

Read Across America Day: Explore Books with DealYard

Online discount retailer DealYard is dropping prices on its selection of informative books for Read Across America Day in order to celebrate literacy around the world. For those not looking to open their minds through reading, the company has also slashed prices on its entire DVD inventory. CEO Rob Heller loves both: “I find time […]

National Dog Biscuit Day

Sometimes known as National Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day, this holiday is meant to embrace the history of doggy treats–and they used to be quite a bit different than they are today. Consider that even human food has grown to be quite a bit more scrumptious in the last half of a century, and then extrapolate. […]

DealYard Brings The Romance

There are two different mindsets when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Some people are more cynical and consider it to be a “Hallmark holiday” or a day where people spend their money foolishly for no particular reason. Whereas others truly believe the Valentine’s Day is a day of romance filled with love and surprises. The […]

Valentine’s Day

The origin of Valentine’s Day is extremely difficult to pinpoint because there are many different sources that accredit themselves. Say for example, Ancient Rome. On February 13th to February 15th the Romans celebrated an ancient fertility festival called Lupercalia. Activities included rounding women up and being whipped and beaten by drunken naked Roman men. Then […]

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl, although not technically a national holiday, is actually one of the most celebrated days in American history. As we have learned from the philosophy of Nietzsche, things such as music and especially sports bring together a community where we all become what he refers to as “primordial one.” It doesn’t matter what […]

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